UniCove Dishwasher Leak Guard

The Only Complete Solution of Shower and Bath Surrounds

Dishwasher leaks usually begin as drips and go undetected until significant water damage occurs. such leaks continue to collect moisture under the dishwasher, seeping moisture and water between kitchen flooring, cabinets, walls and sub-flooring. Floors gradually buckle and warp with moisture. The growing problem begins rotting surrounding home components around the dishwasher area. Too often discovery comes too late and the cost to repair and replace rotted and ruined materials is very expensive.

Precisely molded ABS plastic is used to make the UniCove Dishwasher Leak Guard. It is designed to catch and redirect dishwasher water leaks easily and quickly to the front of the dishwasher area, when they would otherwise be concealed and continue to cause damage undetected.

The straightforward function of the UniCove Dishwasher Leak Guard will save property owners thousands of dollars on needless water damage repairs. More than paying for itself, the UniCove Dishwasher Leak Guard is a wise investment for every property owner.